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4 Reasons To Switch To Sod In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you are thinking about making the switch to a sod lawn, take a look at our list of four simple reasons to get sod installed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

  1. You get a lush, "instant lawn"- The number one reason our clients make the switch to sod is time. We know keeping a healthy, lush lawn can be a full time job. Seeding a new lawn can take months and carries the risk the lawn may never grow in the way you want. When you install sod, all of the worry and guess work is taken away. All you have to do is hire a trusted Sod Installation pro, sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful new yard instantly. (And trust us- you will have the nicest lawn on the block when you let our award winning Advanced Lawn & Landscape team install your sod)

  2. Less Maintenance and Less Headache- We understand you are busy. Taking care of a newly installed sod lawn requires less maintenance than caring for a newly seeded yard. Compared to seeding your lawn (and praying it comes in), sod requires less irrigation and maintenance overall.

  3. Sod Is Professionally Grown Grass- When you switch to sod you know you are going to get the best. The sod we use at Advanced Lawn and Landscape comes to your property already fertilized and treated. Sod also has better weed control than a regular seeded lawn.

  4. Different Types Of Sod For Every Budget- In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina we install 4 different types of sod: Bermuda Sod, Zoysia Sod, Centipede Sod and St. Augustine Sod. We work closely with our clients to get them the best sod for their budget, family and property type. We have helped over 1,300+ happy neighbors in the Myrtle Beach community and stand by our work.

Want to Know More About Our Sod Process? Its Simple:

  1. Call us for your free quote or fill out our contact form here.

  2. Get all of your questions answered and your own customized plan

  3. Our team gets to work while you relax!

or give our office a call at (843) 712-3297


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